Emotional State of Football Fans

Throughout tonight’s game, fans of Denver and Seattle took to Twitter to share their excitement or anguish over their beloved teams. When were they jumping with joy or start reaching for the nacho’s to bury their misery? To find out, we measured overall tweet volume, emotional keyword volumes and sentiment to gauge the emotional state of the fans and how it trended over the course of the game. Here’s what we found:

Emotional State of Fans

    WestJet Pulls Off a Brilliant Viral Marketing Campaign

    WestJet has just won the hearts and attention of the internet with this heartfelt holiday video where they surprised customers by delivering their Christmas wishes at their final destination.

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      More People Getting News from Facebook and Twitter

      Pew released some new numbers on how people consumer news via Twitter and Facebook.   The show an increase in people getting news from social networks via mobile devices.  It’s a good follow up to our news consumption study published earlier this year.  This study breaks down what people consume by time/device/network/news type.  http://www.mww.com/white_paper/get_white_paper/media-by-the-numbers-the-changing-landscape-of-the-news-consumption-cycle

        Twitter Now Now Let You Watch and Record Live TV

        In a just-announced partnership with Comcast, Xfinity TV users will have the ability to use the Twitter “See It” button to watch or record live TV on their set top box.

        The technology will only work with NBCUniversal shows for now and is a huge win for Twitter as they look to increase their advertising revenue as well as embrace second-screen usage.


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          Great Moments in Prankvertising: This “Carrie” Video is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day

          To promote the upcoming remake of “Carrie,” an elaborate prank was pulled on coffee shop customers that thought they were witnessing a girl with telekinesis powers having a meltdown.

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            Entertain. Inform. Be Useful.

            Said David Shing, Digital Prophet, AOL kicking off NewsCred’s recent Content Marketing Summit at The New Museum. This statement served as simple setup for the overarching theme of the event. Emphasizing the value, loyalty and potential profitability that can result in producing engaging and emotional content.

            Content with Context Is the New Black from NewsCred on FORA.tv

            The audience of approximately 200 people consisted of mostly publishers, media and various agencies across digital, PR and advertising. There was a great cross section of speakers representing brands such as GE, AmEx, and Barneys to technologies and platforms like LinkedIn, Buzzfeed and NewsCred to organizations such as TED. All are implementing and recognizing the value in a properly curated, produced and planned content marketing programs.

            Four themes emerged from the speakers on the challenges as well as the successes of implementing content marketing strategy and programs around it:

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              What If You Could Change the Rooms Environment Based on a TV Image

              IllumiRoom: Peripheral Projected Illusions for Interactive Experiences

              Watch this video of a proof-of-concept product from Microsoft called IllumiRoom. It changes the area surrounding a television by projecting a visualiza­tion.  No more boring PPTs…(read on for more info). 

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                Why Twitter’s Acquisition of MoPub Matters for Paid-Earned-Owned Media

                mobile-twitter-mopubAs Twitter prepares for an IPO, it has generated significant attention in advertising with the acquisition of MoPub, an ad exchange platform, for a rumored $350 million.

                While the move still barely registers versus Google and Facebook in terms of mobile revenue, experts agree the deal provides a significant improvement in performance (targeting) and pricing. Contently’s excellent Content Strategist blog explained the significance of the deal to brand publishers by quoting  Facebook Ad Exchange (FBX) creator Antonio Garcia’s blog post:

                Acquiring MoPub allows Twitter to put this data to use and give advertisers the power to serve native ads to exactly the right audience in their Twitter stream. And they will. Digiday reports that Twitter’s VP of Product for Revenue, Kevin Weil, assured MoPub that they’d bring native ads to the platform—not just on Twitter, but likely in other mobile environments as well.

                MoPub will be an invaluable tool for taking headlines from owned and earned media and using paid to have them reach new audiences and reinforce existing ones.

                  What’s Trending!? Yahoo’s Logo!


                  With a kitschy video (with over 500,000 views) paired with poppy song from Empire of the Sun, it’s been 24 hours since the big Yahoo! logo reveal.

                  Designed to be “Whimsical, Personal and Proud”, the Twiterverse just isn’t buying it!

                  To their credit, or discredit, they won’t be the first rebrands met with hostility.  Remember Gap in 2010, Tropicana in 2009, and of course “New Coke” in 1985? All of these brands faced branding-adversity and eventual had to go back to the drawing board – in Coke’s case, just back to the “Old Coke”.

                  While 87% of Yahoo! employees wanted a change, the response to the rebrand has fizzled online.  Below take a look at some of the top words to describe the new Yahoo! Logo:


                  Which leads me to my personal thought on the new logo:


                  Fun Fact 1 – The design was created by a team which included Marissa Mayer and an intern.

                  Fun Fact 2 – You too can now create your own Yahoo! inspired logo here!

                    Oreo splash

                    How Brands Are Embracing Big Social Data

                    Big social data is allowing companies to go much deeper into simply monitoring for brand mentions. Massively advanced data sets are allowing brands to insert themselves into many conversations that go above and beyond those that simply mention their product/service and can develop deeper relationships with customers and influencers.

                    Real-time social data lets brands identify an important trend, insert themselves into that trend, and measure the impact of that trend in ways that were never possible before now.

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                      What’s Trending? “50 Shades of Grey” Beats Microsoft & Nokia Deal

                      While there’s nothing we love more than discussing the latest trends, acquisitions, and innovations in tech… The announcement of the “50 Shades of Grey” leads was bubbling to the top of our social feeds this Labor Day weekend!


                      Something to keep in mind as you post content tied to trending topics.  Want to find out more about today’s trending topics?  Take a look at the articles below:

                      50 Shades of Grey Announces Leads
                      Microsoft to Acquire Nokia
                      Verizon and Vodafone’s $130 Billion Deal 

                        Much Ado About Gazing

                        It’s nothing to worry about (at least this year), but since it was a slow industry news week everyone seems to be making a fuss about Google patenting “pay-per-gaze” advertising.  In addition to detecting (in theory) when an individual looks at an advertisement, it can also detect their “inferred emotional state” via pupil dilation (state of…).

                        So, if you want to get all excited about the year 2018 or enjoy a bit of paranoia, here’s an article and, for the patent nerds, a link to the filing.   Article – http://ind.pn/14xUBzV; PTO http://1.usa.gov/16604gX

                          Must Read for Agencies: Bloomberg CEO PoV on Media

                          The letter below from Bloomberg’s new CEO, Justin Smith, is well worth the read for the clarity it provides on the future of media.  To quote:

                          The media industry is bifurcated into two distinct worlds: the struggling traditional segment that longs for a simpler, more profitable past that will never return; and the vibrant, entrepreneurial segment that is reinventing the industry before our eyes. The simple act of choosing to live on the new, wide-open frontier is a powerful step toward success.

                          It’s good reminder of why we need to constantly explore, experiment, validate and implement. It’s a wide-open frontier…let’s build on it.  Here’s the full letter… Continue Reading →

                            This Week in Storytelling: Warby Parker’s Native Cool

                            longform-9826193889dc50244709906dbf3741a6We were struck by the elegant way eyewear purveyor Warby Parker partnered with Longform.org this week on a piece of smokey-cool native advertising. Longform took Warby’s expensive, Kinks-scored 30-second spot to front a curated collection of eight great reads on the theme of “Black Eyes and Secret Societies,” beginning with “The Definitive Ray Davies Interview” (Interview magazine, 1973). Continue Reading →

                              This Week in Storytelling: Werner Herzog’s PSA

                              The choice of legendary and controversial filmmaker Werner Herzog for a public service campaign on the dangers of texting while driving was a surprising one. The PSA is compelling to say the least, and its length and mode of distribution shows that rules are meant to be broken if you have well-crafted story to tell. Views of the video on AT&T’s YouTube channel passed a million over the weekend:

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                                Meet Jason Chupick – Our New VP, Editorial Operations

                                It’s one thing to create content, it’s another to know how to gain earned media for that content (to some, it’s like marketing milk to a cow).

                                So I’m very pleased to announced that Jason Chupick has joined the MWW team as VP, Editorial Operations. Jason will be leading a cross-agency team to develop and implement owned to earned social and news media strategies.  As part of this position, Jason will be part of our innovation group, creating new editorial platforms, content marketing strategies and media partnerships.

                                For you industry news junkies, Jason is the co-founder of Mediabistro’s popular PRNewser blog covering marketing trends and news.   Jason joins us from Harper’s Magazine, where he was VP of PR, overseeing their strategy to use their high-value owned news media into earned media across news and social channels.  Follow Jason on Twitter @JasonChupick.

                                  Flipboard Magazines on the Web–A Great Multiscreen Curation Tool?


                                  Flipboard recently expanded it’s create your own magazine function to include the ability for people to view the magazine on the Web.    This makes it more useful for teams that want to collaborate to curate articles and let their internal (e.g., clip books) or external (e.g., news of interest) audiences view the content on any screen with either an app or on a web page.

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                                    What’s Waaaaay Overdue in PR? A/B Testing…

                                    abI just did an interview for The Holmes Report on the importance of A/B testing of editorial content for PR agencies.   You can read the whole article via the link below but here are some important points to note: Continue Reading →

                                      Now Google will do our research & infographic work for us

                                      image This is worth trying out.  Google created an interactive tool to quickly create infograhpics based on all the industry research the collected.    Here’s a link to one I put together in about five minutes (bit.ly/grexample1).  It’s not the prettiest but in a flash it may do the trick (screen shot below). Continue Reading →

                                        So Just What Will the MWW Innovation Group Do? Explore, Test, Implement

                                        As an industry, we are increasingly exploring new approaches and opportunities that put PR in the driver’s seat of true owned, earned, paid media campaigns.    While MWW already leads in our ability to create truly integrated 360 teams, we must also be increasingly aggressive in exploring and implementing new offerings around owned, earned and paid media. Continue Reading →

                                          New Ad Model Rewards Mobile Users with Additional Data


                                          The future of mobile advertising may be here, especially if you’re a user that is not grandfathered into an unlimited data plan. Aquto is working with mobile carriers to reward users that engage with a marketer’s ad to receive additional mobile data on their monthly bill:

                                          Aquto is starting their service with a gradual roll out with carriers in 2013, beginning with eligible Vodafone subscribers in Europe. The data rewards will match accordingly with how involved you are with the ad content: e.g. signing up for a service’s free trial could earn you more data than watching a simple video ad.

                                            How to Jiffy Lube Your Net Promoter Score

                                            AdAge has a good article on how Jiffy Lube increased sales by digging into their NPS rating.  To summarize:

                                            One of the initial head-scratching finds was that the overall NPS rating had almost no correlation to return visits. That meant customers who said they’d gladly recommend Jiffy Lube to friends didn’t necessarily return to the store themselves.

                                            So Jiffy Lube and Anderson dug deeper and found that by using text analytics and NPS they could link sales and return visits to specific issues that customers mentioned.

                                            More at http://adage.com/article/dataworks/jiffy-lube-net-promoter-score-goose-sales/243046/

                                              Can You Believe This Counts as Work?

                                              sharknadoIt’s still trending in the news, on Google and on Twitter.  It’s rebroadcasting later this week.  And the preview is a great example of short form, must-watch video. That’s right, it’s Sharknado and if it has staying power then you may just have to consider tying your content to this sad yet oddly entertaining cultural statement.  If you haven’t seen it, here’s the video:

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                                                Tim Says: If You Can’t Tell a Story in a Six Second Video, You’re Not Trying

                                                Tim BakerOur own Tim Baker was interviewed in PR News on how to tell a story in a 6-second Vine style video.   He makes an excellent point in comparing it to a press release (where we often try to tell a story by the end of a sub-head).

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                                                  “Everlapse” Could Be the Next Vine


                                                  Everlapse allows you to make digital, collaborative flipbooks. Very unique concept that could be really innovative for brands looking for new ways to tell stories.

                                                  What can you make with Everlapse? The exciting part is its flexibility. Stitch together a few photos of a landscape or skyline from the same spot to make a time lapse. Create a “current status” flipbook by asking friends what they’re readingeating, or doing right now. Start with your own book, meal, or activity, and your followers will fill the slideshow with their own perspectives. Tell a tale with stop-motion photography or a story board. Or just take a bunch of photos from a night out to create an album that moves on its own.

                                                  Read more here.

                                                    The Era of Mobile First (and sometimes only) is here.

                                                    We just realized our latest white paper on mobile strategy.  Except, as the paper points out, it’s not really mobile anymore, it’s just the online strategy that works.  As the research shows, as mobile devices become a if not the main computing device, people are regularly starting and often continuing their engagement with brands with mobile devices.  The question is: is this true of your audience and, if so, is your engagement design and content strategy desktop/laptop/tablet centric or smartphone/mobile centric?

                                                      4 Ways Facebook is Changing Their Ad Offerings

                                                      Facebook is starting to consolidate and simplify (according to them) their ad unit offerings.  The changes will start taking place in July.  We can fully evaluate at that time. For editorial content and marketing campaigns, there won’t be a huge impact but there will be some tweaks we make in programs.  In the meantime, here are the changes. Continue Reading →

                                                        Seven Digital Publishing Trends to Watch in 2013

                                                        Thanks to Jason Chupick (VP, Editorial Operations at MWW) for reminding us that we need to watching key publishing trends.  Here’s a great list from Pando Daily to watch for in 2013. Continue Reading →

                                                          Why you need a Phd in Marketing

                                                          Luma Partners have been doing some great work mapping out all the platforms in the marketing sector. Their latest one (below or click on the thumbnail to the left), no surprise, has more logos than ever. For your Tylenol-powered viewing pleasure…

                                                            Try This App: Circa Allows You to Follow, Not Just Read, the News

                                                            HomeIllus_PhoneThere are some great news aggregator apps out there but I haven’t seen many that truly let me easily follow specific news stories.  When there’s a key story, I pretty much just remember or happen to see updates.  I don’t often do alerts (that’s for long term or critical stories) or set up key word searches (moving too fast). Continue Reading →

                                                              2x Reason to Watch Windows Mobile

                                                              Microsoft has notably managed to capture US consumer interest. Of those who purchased a Windows Phone device in the last year, 42 percent came from a feature phone, 25 percent from another Windows (Phone or Mobile) device, and 23 percent from Android.

                                                              Kantar says this shows Windows Phone’s strength in attracting feature phone users. It notes that while iOS is similarly effective at capturing Android users and its own users, only 31 percent came from a feature phone.


                                                              kantar april 2013 730x185 Kantar: Android took 52% of US smartphone sales in April, but iOS and Windows Phone are growing faster


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